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November 6th, 2014

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As a lawyer for 30 years, I never found myself hiring a lawyer to sort out my legal issues. I always thought that I could handle them on my own or represent myself, but I could only do so much and the fact that the courts here are not so generous to self-representation. A couple of years ago, I was charged with drunken misconduct because I got drunk and I tripped on a table that caused a commotion in a local bar. They thought I started a fight so I was arrested and detained. I found myself asking help from another lawyer in my firm.

Because I was drunk, I couldn’t stand as the expert witness so I had to be the client. Thankfully, there was one witness in the bar who saw that I fell down. Two of the three witnesses from the prosecution told the judge that I pushed someone and it caused a fight. The story of our witness was then corroborated by the bartender who was there. They found me NOT GUILTY and they cleared the charges too.

Long story short, it’s always a complete irony when you ask help from someone in the same industry as you, kind of like a barber getting his hair done by another barber.

Employees and Their Rights – Protect yourself with a Lawyer

September 3rd, 2014

Employers take advantage of the fact that people need jobs and that they make sure that the employees they get are nothing more than just dumb grunts with no ideas of their rights as an employee. I’ve seen this way too many times wherein an employee is denied of his right to promotion because of his social status, or a female employee is sexually harassed but nothing is being done by the employer to prevent it from happening. This is why employees should work with a lawyer during their stint as a worker for any company. Heck, I even encourage my paralegals to seek outside counsel in any case their contract is violated or if they want to make sure that we’re not going to screw them over.

opportunity-costLawyers need to double check the contracts signed by employees and their employers so their rights are protected during their stint. For example, if I am fired for no apparent reason, I can sue the company if they don’t provide me with a  termination pay or a legit reason why they fired me if it’s stated in the contract that I need to be paid and a definite violation is needed for termination. Minimum wage employees should take advantage of the fact that they can hire lawyers to help protect their rights, and I am just a phone call away. If you want someone to protect you legally, my firm is available.


The Journey into Legal Job Search

July 11th, 2014

If you are one of the few individuals who have proven a new into legal occupation, then the following information will confirm useful to you. There are a lot of factors you need to know that variety from conference lawyer to how ready you need to be before establishing out for activities or activities. Moreover, there are many legal choosing companies and you should know how to recognize the best one. Having a profession in law or any legal relevant area needs reliability, performance and versatility in undertaking your perform.

jobs_sliderIn getting you structured, discovering a excellent choosing organization is recommended. Through the organization, you will be able to know how to proper take good care of the consumer, what your job needs among other factors. Having the right abilities which are eye-catching your potential company will get you before others. You therefore have to purchase obtaining these abilities even if this would mean operating as offer during your spare time.

Your continue says a lot about you and without question it can create you or crack you. This is one very essential papers you can not respect as an “extra”. Emphasize your primary expertise which should be in range with the requirements detailed on the job information. Your continue should therefore be reliable and well structured.

One way of getting in the job of your goals is by developing connection and systems with experts of the same market to start your legal jobs search for. Your continue alone is not enough to get you that preferred job. Social media with companies provides you with more visibility and place you tactically to tap into the opportunity when it comes. Besides, by conference the lawyer when they are in a comfortable feelings or atmosphere, you will display powerful expert personality such as that of a individual with the effort and perceptive fascination.

Career Opportunities in Legal Jobs

July 11th, 2014

Are you considering on pursuing a promising career in the legal field within The United Kingdom? Embarking upon a legal profession in The United Kingdom is challenging, but is quite rewarding in the long run. There are many exciting positions and numerous places wherein you can find numerous legal occupational openings.

Barrister’s Clerk

A barrister’s clerk has the responsibility of making sure that the business and administration activities at the barristers chambers run smoothly. Barrister’s clerks must be knowledgeable of the type of law that is undertaken within the chamber itself.

Legal Executive

A legal executive is a qualified lawyer that caters to a particular area of law. A legal executive must have at least five years of experience in working up under a solicitor. This experience can be gained in a legal practice or in a legal department of a local government, national government, or a private company.


Legal executives have their own set of personal files and have the right to bill their clients directly. Legal executives are known for practicing law within the areas of probate, family law, criminal litigation, civil litigation, and conveyancing.

Licensed Conveyancers

Licensed conveyancers are reputable legal specialists that work on the behalf of clients when it comes to purchasing or selling property. Clients of conveyancers depend upon them to handle all of the paperwork and details when it comes to a transaction taking place between two parties.


A paralegal is someone who performs legal work, but is not a qualified attorney. Basically, a paralegal is a secretary of a legal firm who handles the day to day operations at a law firm. Paralegals are also known to assist licensed attorneys prepare for their court cases.

Finding legal occupational work within newspaper listings is becoming outdated. Thousands of legal professionals now use the internet to find the latest job openings. Using the internet is easier and more convenient for job prospects to find employment.

Remote Legal Jobs

Redefining Legal Care